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Specialty Work

Geothermal Heat Source Installation

A geothermal heat pump, ground source heat pump (GSHP),
or ground heat pump is a central heating and/or cooling
system that pumps heat to or from the ground. This design takes
advantage of the moderate temperatures in the ground to
boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating
and cooling systems.

Bluff Stabilization

Bluff stabilization drains offer an efficient, cost-effective
solution for controlling shoreline erosion. Internal groundwater
is removed, preventing further slope erosion due to seepage
and weight.

Underground Specialists, Inc. is a Licensed and professionally
trained in Geothermal Loop Installation for Commercial and
Residential buildings.

Pictured above is a residence on the bluff after a failure due
to sub surface water erosion.

  • Sub-surface water removal for Bluff Stabilization.
  • Surface Water drainage to beach level through
    solid HDPE Pipe installations.
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